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What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch Today

PS Lunch1.jpg
This girl loves her salad

Lunch is our favorite meal of the day. We aren’t rushing to get out the door for school or just getting back home from dance class or errands. Even my oldest daughter, who’s in 1st grade, says that lunchtime is her favorite because she gets to spend it chatting with her friends and scoping out what other kids are eating. She often reports back to me that many of her friends bring candy and “junk food” to school, go crazy on the playground, and then fall asleep during “Silent Reading” time after recess. Out of the mouths of babes…

Most days, we eat a combination of leftovers from the night before and fresh fruit for lunch. It keeps things simple and affords me less time in the kitchen. Other ideas for quick lunches are veggie wraps with hummus, big green salads with grains, smoothies with oats and nut butter to make them more filling, and the classic pb&j (no sugar added peanut butter and jelly, please!).

PS Lunch3.jpg
I love the kids flatwear from Ikea KALASline. It’s all BPA-free and dishwasher safe!

This is what a typical lunch looks like for my plant-strong kids, ages 3, 5, and 7. I packed the same items up for the 7 year old to take to school in a slightly larger portion. She said she actually likes cold spaghetti, go figure. My husband got a cold Asian noodle dish instead of the spaghetti portion because he doesn’t have access to a microwave at work and doesn’t share our daughter’s affinity for cold spaghetti.

PS Lunch2.jpg

Pictured here is gluten-free corn pasta (organic and non GMO, if you’re wondering) with store-bought organic marinara. The salad is just a simple mix of romaine, diced tomato, hemp seeds, and homemade apple cider vinaigrette. The fruit is a mix of pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries (I LOVE that it’s berry season again). All of this is served with a glass of my Stress-Busting Green Juice as a way to up the veggie content. You should know me by now. More is more when it comes to veggies!

Since I had made a double batch of spaghetti the night before, this all took me less than 10 minutes to plate up for 3 of us at home and 2 packed versions. That’s faster than loading up the kids into the van, driving to a drive thru, ordering, and bringing it back home. And infinitely more healthy, too!

I hope this helps give you some ideas for plant-strong lunches for your family!

PS Lunch4.jpg

What is your favorite food to eat for lunch? Leave your comments below!

Full disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. Meaning, basically, if you make a purchase from any of these links, I may make a little money. So thank you in advance for supporting my family 🙂

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