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What I Ate for Lunch Today: Park Picnic Edition (+ a vitamin water recipe!)

WIA Park Picnic Title 1.jpg

Summer is well under way and it is starting to get HOT in Texas. In order to beat the heat and get those stir-crazy kids out of the house, we head to the splash pad. It’s like running through the sprinklers 2.0.

Splash pads, or “spray-grounds” for those unfamiliar with the terminology, are essentially water parks with structures that spray, dump, and shoot water out in continuous or timed intervals. They are typically attached to a regular playground structure that makes for hours of free fun for the family.

Our favorite splash pad is about 25 minutes away, so when we go, we make a whole morning of it. I think secretly my favorite part of the outing is that the kids always fall asleep on the way home (come on, parents. I KNOW I’m not alone on that one!) Since we will be gone for several hours, I make sure to pack sunscreen, towels, a change of clothes, and of course, a healthy lunch for all of us.

WIA Park Picnic1.jpg

In packing picnic lunches, I like to keep the foods light and hydrating. The last thing you want while out in the heat is a heavy meal. Today’s lunch is packed in the same Lunch on the Go containers that my husband takes to work for lunch. Most parks don’t allow glass containers for safety reasons, so these plastic stackable ones are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable zip top bags.

WIA Park Picnic2.jpg

For my main “dish,” I packed a mix of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, and a small handful of raw cashews. I love having a fruit based meal for breakfast or lunch during the summer. Sweet, hydrating, and filling. What more could you ask for?

In the smaller container, I have some sliced cucumber, orange bell pepper, and carrots with oil-free sesame hummus. The other container has about ½ of a fairly large naval orange.

WIA Park Picnic5.jpg

The kids each got a slight variation on this meal suited to their own preferences. I also added in some Mary’s Gone Crackers and some water bottles into my cooler. For myself, I packed “fancy” vitamin water. If you’re going to be drinking lots of water, you might as well make it fun. I REFUSE to pay $3 for a bottle of synthetic “vitamin” sugar water, so I create my own fresh, antioxidant rich version at home. Since I love to share, I’ll put the recipe at the end of this post 😉

The kids and I had a fantastic morning out. We had a great time at the splash pad, a wonderful little picnic lunch, and a nice quiet car ride home for mom. I’d call that a success.

Spirulina Citrus Chia Water



  1. Combine all ingredients into a wide mouthed bottle or jar and stir well.
  2. Let sit for about 10-15 minutes before drinking so the chia seeds have time to “gel” and the lemon and lime can infuse the water with flavor. Serves 1.


What type of food do you like to eat when the temperature starts to climb? Share in the comments below!


Full disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate links. Meaning, basically, if you make a purchase from any of these links, I may make a little money. So thank you in advance for supporting my family 🙂

5 thoughts on “What I Ate for Lunch Today: Park Picnic Edition (+ a vitamin water recipe!)”

  1. Love this! I am totally going to try your vitamin water recipe. Do you taste the spirulina powder or does the lemon & lime help hide it? Thanks for the awesome post & good luck with all your unpacking!


    1. Thanks girl!! No! You totally don’t taste the spirulina at all! I use one of those protein shake bottles with the metal ball in it to really dissolve the powder before I add everything else. Let me know how you like it!


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