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4th of July Plant-Based Cook Out!

New House.png

We did it! We moved into our new home and we couldn’t be happier! The kids love their new rooms, Husband loves his new office, and I love my new kitchen. Everybody wins! We also love that we finally have a patio and a good-sized yard to start growing our own fruits and veggies! While we are mostly unpacked, the house is far from decorated yet. I promise to do a mini house tour (or at the very least, a kitchen tour) when we are finished. OK?

PB BBQ1.jpg

I often get asked during the summer what we eat at BBQs since the most typical thing to grill is meat (or more accurately, someone jokes that they will cook me “medium rare lettuce” next to their steak). The truth of the matter is there are FAR more vegetables that are grill friendly than meat. Corn, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and yes, even lettuce all grill beautifully, just to name a few. Add some seasonings and maybe a dash of oil-free BBQ sauce and I promise you will not feel deprived at all! I’ve even seen recipes floating around the internet for “carrot dogs” if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

Not that I relish the idea of making hot dog substitutes.

See what I did there? Anyway…

Monday was Independence Day. After a week of moving and a whole weekend at our friends’ wedding, we didn’t feel like battling the crowds with kids in tow at local festivals, parades, or fireworks shows. So we decided to break in the new backyard with a good old-fashioned American BBQ—sans the ribs, hot dogs, and burgers, of course.

PB BBQ2.jpg

Taking advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, I hit the grocery store with my youngest to bring home bright, fresh produce. We started the afternoon with some red, white, and blue fruit kabobs (strawberries, bananas, and blueberries) and big slices of juicy watermelon.

Later on Husband fired up the grill. We decided to keep the menu very simple with corn on the cob, roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, grilled French bread, and some seasoned potatoes. Nothing fancy, but when your produce is in season, it doesn’t need much done to it to be delicious!

PB BBQ3.jpg

PB BBQ4.jpg

PB BBQ5.jpg

For dessert we grilled some fresh pineapple basted with a maple-lime glaze. There is something so unexpectedly decadent about grilled fruit. I highly recommend it!

Toward the evening we introduced the kids to the exciting world of “poppers” and let them go crazy on the driveway in their pjs. They spent most of the time detonating the poppers on each other, but that’s the fun of childhood. I guess some things never change for some adults either…

Since our neighborhood is only partially finished, the kids had a great view of fireworks thanks to some unfinished lots. We met our neighbors and they invited us to sit in their truck bed to watch the fireworks. The kids went to bed dreaming of sparklers and water hose fights, so I’d call that a great day.

So now that we are settled in our new house and I have wifi again (11 days was too long without it!), I have lots of great recipe posts coming your way very soon. If you’d like, you can follow With Love & Veggies on Instagram to see previews of recipes, what I eat in a day, and the random things my family does!

Did you do anything fun or festive on the 4th of July? Share in the comments down below!

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