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I Quit Coffee (and stayed awake long enough to write about it)


I was raised the daughter of a serial coffee drinker. My dad constantly had a pot of coffee going in the kitchen, even in the evenings. As a man working 60+ hours a week at a corporate job and running a newspaper route in the wee hours of the morning before heading off to the office to make ends meet, he was in serious need of some caffeine. My dad was (and still is) not a fan of Starbucks (or Starburns as he refers to them). He takes his coffee black with a splash of french vanilla creamer, hold the fancy syrups and whipped cream, thank you very much. Continue reading “I Quit Coffee (and stayed awake long enough to write about it)”

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What I Ate for Lunch Today: Park Picnic Edition (+ a vitamin water recipe!)

WIA Park Picnic Title 1.jpg

Summer is well under way and it is starting to get HOT in Texas. In order to beat the heat and get those stir-crazy kids out of the house, we head to the splash pad. It’s like running through the sprinklers 2.0.

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How to Salvage a Mealy Watermelon

Salavage Watermelon Title.jpg
I place a kitchen towel under my cutting board to keep the wobbly watermelon steady as I am cutting. It also keeps watermelon juice off my counters 🙂

You knocked on it. Made sure it was heavy for it’s size. You checked for the creamy yellow “field spot” where it was resting on the ground. You even inspected it for uniform shape and dull finish. But somehow, you ended up with a less than perfectly ripe watermelon. Don’t worry, friend. It’s happened to the best of us.

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