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What I Ate for Lunch Today: Park Picnic Edition (+ a vitamin water recipe!)

WIA Park Picnic Title 1.jpg

Summer is well under way and it is starting to get HOT in Texas. In order to beat the heat and get those stir-crazy kids out of the house, we head to the splash pad. It’s like running through the sprinklers 2.0.

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No-Bake Hemp Brownie Bites

Brownie Bites Title.jpg

Rich, chocolatey, brownies. Who doesn’t love them? They are the quintessential American dessert. Moms make them for their kids after school, they are served with thick icing and sprinkles at birthday parties, and they are presented à la mode at practically every restaurant across the US. However, no matter which way you slice it, they are always baked with eggs, butter, and copious amounts of refined sugar. Even “veganized” versions still require heavily processed flour and many times oil to replace the eggs and butter. And we all know how I feel about baking. So how is one living a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle supposed to get that occasional brownie fix?

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Blueberry Lemon Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie Bowl Title.jpg

Just like ranowla, smoothie bowls are ALL the rage on Instagram. What’s not to love? They are sweet, creamy, simple, and infinitely customizable. Frozen fruit, a little liquid, and a quick wiz in the blender and you’re ready for an antioxidant party in your tummy. So yummy, so yummy. Oh great, now I’m singing Yo Gabba Gabba songs.

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What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch Today 3: Pick Plates

Kids Ate 3 Title.jpg

If you’ve ever had lunch with a picky toddler, you know that the golden rule at mealtime is all components of said meal must be separate. Don’t you come at them with some type of “mixed” food like a vegetable hash or casserole. And heaven forbid the sauce be ON TOP of the pasta. That stuff should be on the side in its own dish where it can’t contaminate the pasta. Geeze, mom. Get it together.

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3 Ingredient Plant-Powered Blender Pancakes

3 Ingredient Pancakes Title.jpg

My kids LOVE breakfast for dinner. There is something about breaking routine that makes the idea fun and exciting. Having breakfast for dinner also gives me a chance to make dishes that take a few more minutes than say cereal with Banana Mylk or a Tropical Rehydration Smoothie.

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Banana Bread Smoothie

Banana Bread Smoothie Title.jpg
This smoothie is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I’ve never been a huge fan of baking. It requires more precise measuring than cooking where everything is entirely up to your personal preferences. I’m mean, sure, I’ll bake muffins like these Monday Morning Muffins if it’ll let me sleep in a few extra minutes, but I’m not the mom who’s constantly baking cookies and cakes. Some of that has to do with my disdain for refined sugar and butter, but I digress.

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How to Salvage a Mealy Watermelon

Salavage Watermelon Title.jpg
I place a kitchen towel under my cutting board to keep the wobbly watermelon steady as I am cutting. It also keeps watermelon juice off my counters 🙂

You knocked on it. Made sure it was heavy for it’s size. You checked for the creamy yellow “field spot” where it was resting on the ground. You even inspected it for uniform shape and dull finish. But somehow, you ended up with a less than perfectly ripe watermelon. Don’t worry, friend. It’s happened to the best of us.

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It’s Easy Being Green Juice

We received a Breville Juicer as an engagement gift from my parents in 2006. I was interested in juicing because at 21 I was still a pretty picky eater and beyond iceberg lettuce salads drowned in ranch dressing, I hardly touched vegetables. I figured juicing would help me knock the vegetables back without actually having to eat them. Genius.

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Rainbow Bowls with Coconut Yum Yum Sauce


Rainbow Bowls Title.jpg

I have mentioned before that we are packing to move house. It is also the end of the school year, which means extra homework and projects for the parents, I mean, kids. Suffice it to say, my time is pretty limited these days. When our schedules get hectic, I like to take one night and make a BIG batch of rice and veggies that will not only act as dinner that night, but another night later in the week as well.

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Kale Mango Banana Nice-Cream

A couple of weeks ago, I had a real craving for ice cream. I had been out and about with my family for the afternoon and just felt the need for something sweet to complete my day. I dashed into the market and grabbed 2 cartons of coconut milk ice cream. It wasn’t until I got back into the car that I realized those TINY little cartons were $5 a piece! What?! Now financially committed to my craving, we drove home and dished out the ice cream. While it was as hard as a rock, it still tasted lovely and quelled my sweet tooth. I felt satisfied. Continue reading “Kale Mango Banana Nice-Cream”