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Smokey Vegan Ranch (Lunch Box) Pasta Salad


6+ weeks into the school year usually means it’s time to gather more lunch box inspiration! Today I’m sharing a protein-packed, fiber-filled, flavorful cold pasta dish that’s sure to break up the sandwich doldrums. Continue reading “Smokey Vegan Ranch (Lunch Box) Pasta Salad”

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Chickpea Marinara with Pasta and Broccolini


A question that I often get through email and social media messaging is “How do I know if I’m getting a complete meal?” When you’re eating an omnivorous diet, you know what a “complete” lunch or dinner looks like: meat, starch, dairy, and a vegetable (I would hope that veggies are included!). However, when switching to a plant based lifestyle, what do you do? Continue reading “Chickpea Marinara with Pasta and Broccolini”

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What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch #9: All Green, No Food Dye Needed


This year my kids’ Spring Break was quite early, with spring not even officially beginning until next week. And it just so happens that our last day of break fell on Day Light Saving Time. Needless to say when Monday rolled around we were all missing that extra hour of sleep so very much. In order to brighten up my kids’ first week back from break, I decided to whip up a fun themed lunch for Saint Patrick’s Day (minus the corned beef). I am not typically a “themed lunch makin’ kind of mom,” but I’ll use any excuse to get those nutrient rich green foods into my kids! Continue reading “What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch #9: All Green, No Food Dye Needed”

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Clean Out the Fridge Noodle Stir “Fry”


A few weeks ago my house was under attack by the dreaded stomach bug. One by one the kids all succumbed to the enemy. I quickly went into to a full panic survival mode and manned all my battle stations. BRAT foods and coconut water for rehydration were strategically waiting in the kitchen for the all clear. The kids were each quarantined, surrounded by ample towels, and given the receptacle of their choice. Hand soap was restocked in all of the bathrooms as I lay in wait. Husband was sent out for disinfectant. Continue reading “Clean Out the Fridge Noodle Stir “Fry””

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What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch Today

PS Lunch1.jpg
This girl loves her salad

Lunch is our favorite meal of the day. We aren’t rushing to get out the door for school or just getting back home from dance class or errands. Even my oldest daughter, who’s in 1st grade, says that lunchtime is her favorite because she gets to spend it chatting with her friends and scoping out what other kids are eating. She often reports back to me that many of her friends bring candy and “junk food” to school, go crazy on the playground, and then fall asleep during “Silent Reading” time after recess. Out of the mouths of babes… Continue reading “What My Plant-Based Kids Ate for Lunch Today”

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Broccoli Hemp Pesto Pasta

Broccoli Pesto Title.jpg

Confession time: I hate pesto. Traditional basil pesto is just too much of everything for me; too herby, too oily, too heavy. Any time I saw a recipe calling for pesto, I immediately wrote it off. That is, until I read a recipe for spinach pesto. Hold the phone! You can make pesto from ingredients BESIDE basil?! This got my gears turning. I wondered if I could make pesto out of vegetables that aren’t of the leafy persuasion. Continue reading “Broccoli Hemp Pesto Pasta”