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Fajita Burritos


If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you know that I love me some potatoes. They are nutritious, filling, budget-friendly, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. From mashed potatoes, to fries, to stuffed (both sweet and savory), and even faux fried chicken substitute, potatoes are pretty darn amazing. Because of their endless versatility, I am bringing you another delicious potato recipe today. A concoction I like to call, the Fajita Burrito. Continue reading “Fajita Burritos”

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Slow Cooker Indian Summer Stew


Many moons ago, I was a Montessori teacher (or Directress as we are known in the IAPM world). I worked with many wonderful women from Sri Lanka and India who introduced me to their amazingly flavorful cuisines. They would giggle at my white bread sandwiches and I would watch in awe as they would eat curries and rice dishes with chilies and spices I had never seen. It was an eye opening experience for a young adult from Orange County, California to encounter culture from so far away. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Indian Summer Stew”

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Healthy Carrot Cake Bites


Most days I go into the kitchen armed with my ingredients and plan of attack, and everything turns out beautifully. Then there are other times that the ideas in my head don’t seem to work out and I am forced to make things up as I go. Throwing food away is terrible for my budget, so it is a last resort. Thankfully we have a dog who is always willing to clean up my mistakes. Continue reading “Healthy Carrot Cake Bites”

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Protein-Packed Bean Scramble


While I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I had a huge aversion to eggs. Their smell, their texture, the fact that they came out of a chicken’s cloaca…all of it made my stomach churn. Even after she was born, the mere thought of eggs made me a bit queasy. I still dutifully made them for my egg-loving family several mornings a week, however, I have been sans-egg for almost 5 years now. So when we switched to a plant based diet, “giving up” cholesterol-filled eggs was no big deal for me. Continue reading “Protein-Packed Bean Scramble”

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Very Veggie Soup


For the past 2 months, Monday nights have been soup nights at my house. I love that I can make a big batch of soup in the morning during my meal prep and it gets even better sitting in the fridge while I am busy running the kids to after school activities until I am ready to reheat it for dinner. My girls love all kinds of soup, but my boy is much pickier. Either he doesn’t like the texture, or the color, or he suddenly hates every vegetable in that particular soup. It’s a challenge to make him happy with soup for dinner, let me tell you. Continue reading “Very Veggie Soup”

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Simple Green Goodness Bowl


Statistically, January 17th is the day that most people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions. Yup. We give our healthy ambitions the ol’ college try for a whopping 17 days before throwing in the towel. If you’re like me and set smaller, more realistic goals for yourself this year, then you are still well on your way to a healthier 2017. Virtual high-five! Continue reading “Simple Green Goodness Bowl”

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Clean Out the Fridge Noodle Stir “Fry”


A few weeks ago my house was under attack by the dreaded stomach bug. One by one the kids all succumbed to the enemy. I quickly went into to a full panic survival mode and manned all my battle stations. BRAT foods and coconut water for rehydration were strategically waiting in the kitchen for the all clear. The kids were each quarantined, surrounded by ample towels, and given the receptacle of their choice. Hand soap was restocked in all of the bathrooms as I lay in wait. Husband was sent out for disinfectant. Continue reading “Clean Out the Fridge Noodle Stir “Fry””

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Granola Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Growing up we always had big holiday dinners. All of the extended family on my dad’s side would gather at my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve for a very traditional meal. Turkey, Honey Baked Ham, rolls, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing (well, “dressing” since it was never inside the turkey), creamed corn, candied yams, pumpkin pie, and hot apple cider were always on the table, accompanied by the traditional sweet pickle and olive plate. Even as an omnivorous child, however, I never quiet enjoyed the meat dishes, unless they were drowned in gravy (or my case, ranch dressing). I was all about the carbs. Continue reading “Granola Stuffed Sweet Potatoes”

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Vanilla Maple Overnight Oats


As fall begins to feel more like, well, fall, I find getting out of bed to be hard. Don’t get me wrong. Since I quit coffee, I feel more awake and alert in the morning than I have in years, it’s just the actual standing up from my nice cozy bed when the alarm goes off to be the issue. Once I drift off to sleep it’s as if the blankets and pillows adopt me as one of their own, never eager to allow me to leave. Continue reading “Vanilla Maple Overnight Oats”