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Teriyaki Veggie Bowl

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A couple of weekends ago, Husband surprised the kids and I with a spontaneous day trip to Dallas. We live in the suburbs and don’t get into the “big city” very often so this was quite the adventure. Before we set out, I checked Happy Cow to find a plant-based friendly restaurant. We decided on a very interesting looking health food chain called True Food Kitchen. Continue reading “Teriyaki Veggie Bowl”

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Loaded Fries


In all honesty, I was not planning on posting this “recipe.” It began as a way to repurpose some leftovers that I had in the fridge, so I felt it was too simple to write a whole blog post about. And then my husband posted a picture on Facebook of his dinner of leftover Hidden Veggie Tomato Soup, grilled cheeze, and Loaded Fries, and the requests of “recipe please!” came rolling in (I even got a few via text!). I needed to take a few more pictures before I could put this post up, so I HAD to make this dish again. The sacrifices I make for you people. Continue reading “Loaded Fries”

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Rainbow Bowls with Coconut Yum Yum Sauce


Rainbow Bowls Title.jpg

I have mentioned before that we are packing to move house. It is also the end of the school year, which means extra homework and projects for the parents, I mean, kids. Suffice it to say, my time is pretty limited these days. When our schedules get hectic, I like to take one night and make a BIG batch of rice and veggies that will not only act as dinner that night, but another night later in the week as well.

Continue reading “Rainbow Bowls with Coconut Yum Yum Sauce”

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Broccoli Hemp Pesto Pasta

Broccoli Pesto Title.jpg

Confession time: I hate pesto. Traditional basil pesto is just too much of everything for me; too herby, too oily, too heavy. Any time I saw a recipe calling for pesto, I immediately wrote it off. That is, until I read a recipe for spinach pesto. Hold the phone! You can make pesto from ingredients BESIDE basil?! This got my gears turning. I wondered if I could make pesto out of vegetables that aren’t of the leafy persuasion. Continue reading “Broccoli Hemp Pesto Pasta”