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10 (Easy to Find) Immune Supportive Foods

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As the dog days of summer fade into the crisp air of autumn, we spend more time indoors close contact with others. Between the limited access to natural sunlight, the recirculation of air via central heating systems, and heavily touched items (like those shared crayons at school or communal coffee pot handle at work), there’s no denying that “cold and flu season” is just around the corner. Continue reading “10 (Easy to Find) Immune Supportive Foods”

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My Family’s Holistic Medicine Cabinet

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When I was pregnant with my first child at the age of 22, I had NO clue about my views on natural versus conventional medicines and health care. As an asthmatic child with a weak immune system, I had been on round after round of antibiotics, steroids, allergy shots, and pretty much every over the counter medication known to man. When I was 4 months pregnant, I was teaching at a Montessori school and contracted a nasty cold with a barking cough followed by pink eye. I went to see the doctor, and she told me that the medication she needed to prescribe could possibly cause deafness to my baby. Continue reading “My Family’s Holistic Medicine Cabinet”

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Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief for the Whole Family

He’s not afraid of pollen!

Itchy, watery eyes. Runny nose and scratcy throat. Endless sneezing and sniffling. Ah, the joyous signs that spring has sprung. Except if you suffer from seasonal allergies, it isn’t so joyous after all. You’d rather shut all the doors and windows, turn on the air purifier, pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep where you can escape the pollen in your dreams.

Continue reading “Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief for the Whole Family”