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Golden Mango Smoothie Bowl

Golden Mango Title.JPG

If you’ve spent any length of time on Instagram, you’ve heard of Earthy Andy. She lives in Hawaii with her husband and 2 adorable kids and they eat a high-raw, plant-based diet (meaning LOTS of fresh, raw fruits and veggies). She has healed herself and her children from severe digestive issues, eczema, and asthma using whole plant foods. Just scrolling through her feed can make anyone long to pack their bags, catch a flight to the islands, and never look back.

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Creamy Italian Salad Dressing

Raw Italian Dressing1.jpg
There are 4 basic flavor components to a good salad dressing: salt, sweet, acid, and a “punch.” Bottled salad dressings are a no-go in my book. I’d rather not be consuming maltodextrin, calcium disodium EDTA, and caramel coloring with my organic kale, thank you very much. Most homemade dairy-free salad dressings have an oil base, typically extra virgin olive oil. Since I have cut out oil, I have been on the hunt for good homemade salad dressings. Especially my beloved Italian Dressing. Enter Miss Tanny Raw. Continue reading “Creamy Italian Salad Dressing”

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Cinnamon Mulberry Rawnola


Rawnola is all the rage in the healthy food sector of Instagram. People put it on smoothie bowls, on oatmeal, over banana ice cream,  on coconut yogurt, or eat it straight out of the jar. If you’re oblivious to the craze, rawnola is raw granola. It’s has an oat and date base and is typically made entirely of whole foods. Unlike traditional granola, it contains no oil, no refined sugar, is not baked, and has a soft chewy texture. Sounds like a recipe for a good time. Count me in. Continue reading “Cinnamon Mulberry Rawnola”