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Granola Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Growing up we always had big holiday dinners. All of the extended family on my dad’s side would gather at my grandparents house for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve for a very traditional meal. Turkey, Honey Baked Ham, rolls, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing (well, “dressing” since it was never inside the turkey), creamed corn, candied yams, pumpkin pie, and hot apple cider were always on the table, accompanied by the traditional sweet pickle and olive plate. Even as an omnivorous child, however, I never quiet enjoyed the meat dishes, unless they were drowned in gravy (or my case, ranch dressing). I was all about the carbs. Continue reading “Granola Stuffed Sweet Potatoes”

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Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple Salsa1.jpg
A pineapple boat makes a great presentation for a party!

I ♥ salsa. I can find an excuse to make and eat salsa any day of the week. Burrito bowl? Salsa. Veggie wrap? Salsa. Whole-wheat pita bread? Salsa. Black bean soup? Salsa. Leftover quinoa for breakfast? You guessed it. Salsa! Everything is better with salsa. Continue reading “Pineapple Salsa”